Travelzoo is the Best Travel Bargain Site

Through Travelzoo, we got a round-trip ticket to South Africa for $500 through Iberia airlines. By the way, the food on Iberia Airlines is great.

What Travelzoo does is poll all the travel web sites on the web for you and collects the best deals and presents them to you in a weekly e-mail. Travelzoo itself does not offer any travel deals. I guess they just get a cut of whatever they advertise.

I used to spend hours trolling travel web pages and just did not find anything that beat what Travelzoo found.

The next big vacation is going to be to Costa Rica, I think. My husband has been bugging me to go there for two years now.

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Liz K. said...

Econo-girl -- our newly-launched site(DealBase [dot] com) also helps analyze deals for people (right now for hotel package offerings in the US, Mexico, and Caribbean). One thing we do differently is that we analyze a hotel deal and if it's NOT a deal, we'll still show it to you.

Our deal analzyer breaks out all the parts that comprise a hotel package so you can tell how much it would cost if you assembled the pieces yourself. Sometimes you save, sometimes you actually don't (!) when you buy a hotel package.