The Trash Guys in Columbia Heights Strike Again!

Once upon a time, little Econo-Girl would stand on her back porch, coffee mug in hand, and wait for the DC Department of Sanitation trucks to arrive. No matter the weather, no matter the chill, she would wait patiently.

As the garbage truck inevitably rolled through the alley, past her house, she would give a shout. "Hey! What about my trash?" With reluctance, the garbage men would stop the truck and pick up her garbage.

If, perchance, little Econo-Girl was not there to remind the garbage men of their duty, her trash simply would not be picked up.

This past Friday, in the alley behind the 3500 block of Tenth St NW, little Econo-Girl got to her back porch just after the garbage trucks had passed. So she ran down the alley and asked why they had left her trash untouched. Her tone of voice was, perhaps, a little less than refined. This sad fact was brought to her attention. Little Econo-Girl then mentioned, in a less-than-cheerful melody, that for six years she has had her garbage ignored. The attendant claimed to only be responsible for one year's neglect, not six.

Little Econo-Girl then observed that today, if she were not present, her trash would not have been picked up, and what was the excuse for that? The response was "We're backing up the truck now." Not a direct answer, to be sure.

But the trash truck was backed up and the trash picked up, after some hectoring by little Econo-Girl.

The question one is left with is: how is it that the garbage men in DC only pick up your trash if they feel like it, and only if you are out there to watch them and remind them to do it? This would be a great question for the Mayor.


Jamie said...

Hello little econo girl, I happened to read your blog today and was tickled because I live on the 3600 block of 11th street, and am therefore your neighbor, so perhaps we share the same garbage men. Do you once or twice weekly pickup? I have twice because our alley is too small for supercan trucks.

But anyway, if we do, then their vendetta must be personal. Because I have had excellent service in my 1.5 years at my current address. The recycling guys are somewhat less reliable but not awful.

Anyway, I really do love my trash collectors, because not only do the almost always remember to take my trash, I often put out a contractor bag of stuff too big to fit in my mini-super-can and they always take it. Some of my less-than-conscientious neighbors have been known to leave huge piles of debris behind their houses from time to time, and they almost always take that too. None of which they really have to. I think that's pretty cool.

America-Iran said...
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America-Iran said...
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The Lazy Iguana said...

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