DC - When Inauguration Hits Town...

Run! Run fast!

My husband is working so we are stuck here in the crazed maze that will be total party mayhem.

Allegedly, the bars are no longer going to be open all night long. I'll believe that when I see it. You just know the police are going to have other things to do than to chase down liquor establishments that are open too long. Living in Columbia Heights, where the streets are teeming with 20 and 30-somethings, the party should be kicking until dawn. And then start all over again.

I'm just worried about all the bridge closings in and out of DC. With all the people coming to remote DC suburbs to stay, and then trying to get into DC by walking, there is bound to be problems with exposure to cold - which will only be compounded by the drinking. The recommendations are to arrive at the parade route five hours early. Five hours in freezing cold? Sounds dangerous.

And I don't envy Metro at all. It is going to be sheer hell for Metro employees. The train drivers are going to have to keep from running over people on the platforms who try to rush the train when it pulls into the station. Then people are not going to accept, after waiting in huge lines while trains go by without them, that the train in front of them cannot fit them inside. And what are the chances that someone, out of all the people who are in DC, will have seen too many Spiderman movies and try to hang on the the back of the train?

People will faint. People will vomit. They will take their little children against all advice and subject them to this gauntlet of celebration in freezing weather.

NOTE: The event is just as historical on t.v.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Darwin's theory of natural selection will only have more proof if people decide to hang on the back of a train like Spider Man.

I would NOT be anywhere near that mess. No way.