What Reporters Will Never Admit...

News reporters will never admit the truth of the following:

That people care more about their dog than who the President is,

That people want to look at porn more than any newspaper or web page,

That people actually look at porn more than any newspaper or web page,

Pornography dominates Internet content, not their discoveries and thoughts, and certainly not unrelated e-commerce,

Reporters are supposed to write interesting stories that get people to look at advertisements and then buy the stuff advertised.

I have heard many whining complaints about the amount of coverage President Obama's family gets for its choice of dog. There's a secret in there. That's what people care most about. The dog. And news coverage of the First Dog is an attempt to get some of those people to actually watch the news, and consequently see the advertisements and buy the products advertised.

So you can be a purist and want only real news, or you can build a well-watched show. Producers are opting for the latter.

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WashWords said...

you know in a teeny tiny way, i saw this even on my own blog. all that inauguration stuff, new president/hope stuff, let alone politics... eh. (except when it was lambasting sarah pallin, fun for sure but...)

when i posted on facebook about my love for top chef or my 25 things or on my blog about my engagement, well THAT made the comment file. sigh. oh well.

don't want to admit you're right as a former journalist but...

The Lazy Iguana said...

Dogs are not depressing. The news mostly is.