NASA Chief's Sexism Catches Up With Him - Bye Bye Michael Griffin !

So NASA chief Michael Griffin, when not staring at the boobs of Lori Garver as he is known to do to women he works with, actually told the direct representative of the next President of the United States that she was not qualified to "evaluate rocket options." Since that is the agency spokesman saying this, you know it has been a little sanitized.

I have an idea, just a little one since I am female, but an idea nonetheless.

Perhaps what Lori Garver is evaluating is the quality of your management, Mr. Griffin. No one is saying she should write rocket engineering plans. But certainly she is qualified to judge the quality of your management. One way to do that is by evaluating results.

Sadly for Michael Griffin, he doesn't do too well in that department. He has engineered NASA to do nothing except experiments. NASA doesn't produce anything. The only goal is the Mars dream which has come at the expense of any practical results from all this money being spent by NASA and it's blood-sucking contractors.

Here's the quote from the Bloomberg article by Demian McLean:

"NASA chief Michael Griffin opposes the idea and told Obama’s transition team leader, Lori Garver, that her colleagues lack the engineering background to evaluate rocket options, agency spokesman Chris Shank said."

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