In Defense of Blagojevich

Has anyone ever told you that you were the target of a Federal investigation? If they have, some of Gov. Blagojevich's words and actions might seem less awful.

Only a fool would think that innocence is a shield from an indictment, or even prosecution. Then it follows that you would be careful what you said on the phone because anything could be taken out of context. Please let's remember that the Governor didn't actually sell the Senate seat. The prosecutors "stopped" him first. In my opinion, they may have stopped him before they had a case.

I heard part of the case against Governor Blagojevich on the radio this morning. It seems one of the crimes he is alleged to have committed is authorizing the purchase of medicines from Canada. You know, to save money for the taxpayers.

Hearing that charge has changed my opinion on this whole affair. This fact, in combination with the premature timing of the charges leads me to think the timing of the prosecution may be related more to politics, and even the prosecution itself.

I have no doubt that any politician in the position of being able to appoint a U.S. Senator would want some kind of political payback or favor. Selling the seat for money, of course, is corrupt, but let's not pretend that there's no mutual backscratching going on with political appointments.

The arguments of the prosecutor rang a little hollow to me. He's accusing Governor Blagojevich of being a politician and a thief. Let's see if he can separate the two a little better in the future.

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I.M.Small said...


It´s time to move from Illinois--
Corruption rules the land:
Blagojevich, a whipping boy,
Took his defiant stand,
But, since his manner did annoy
(No evidence to hand)
Due process thereby to destroy
Voted an angry band.

The legislators painted him
A kind of reckless goof,
Because his words weren´t always prim--
Yet still they had no proof:
The angels and the seraphim
May fly up near the roof,
But in the chamber men were grim
As justice turned aloof.

Presumption of one´s innocence
In this case having waived,
The mobocrats, they did commence
Upon the path they paved
Long in advance--and who knows hence
Their precedent depraved
Will lead to what? The consequence
May be freedom enslaved.

He strove to do the people´s good,
The governor´s words came rich,
But still the motley angry brood
Preferred to bait-and-switch:
Although his truth they understood
It was a witch-hunt which
To judgment rushed, and him they booed
As though he were a snitch.

Sententious proud the Mighty Quinn
He led them in their jeers,
The angry throng, and by his spin
Turned truth, from what appears
Self-evident, to something thin
Which mob concensus clears,
And though the governor sought to win
Commonsense no one hears.

"A world of allegation doth
Not make a criminal act,"
So said he, but, as behemoth
The mob cared not for fact:
"Impeach, impeach!" they cried, none loath
Reticence to retract,
Conjectures hurling rancid wroth
As calumnies attacked.

So their removal of the Guv
Went off without a hitch--
Whom none might bend so they did shove,
Wrath wrought to feverish pitch;
Ill-tempered legislators of
Corruption in each niche,
Sans justice--much less human love--
Due Rod Blagojevich.

Yet, whom all shun, the gods salute,
And so man´s race is run:
Although the facts men may confute
Colluding everyone,
Who falls so low in men´s repute
The heavens do not shun,
Telling him, "Your speech was a beaut,
And you a man, my son."

Before the mob he had his say
But they removed him anyway
Ere evidence came into play:
Good people, it is time to pray
That when the court your work reviews
In calumny and wrathful ruse
The judgment-sitters in their pews
Be not the same ole kangaroos.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

Illinois senate tells Rod Blagojevich to not let the door hit him in the butt on the way out

Personally, I am going to miss this guy. He epitomizes the worst of Democratic politics.