Israel is Wrong. Hamas is Wrong.

And now that we have a pair of children poking each other into armed conflict once again, the world will have to face that it must get involved to keep these people from killing each other and half the people in the region.

It's like a long car ride with kids in the back seat. They just can't keep their hands to themselves. They've got to throw things at each other, try to take most of the back seat, put their finger in the face of the other while claiming "I'm not touching you." The charge of immaturity was advanced by former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski on Morning Joe on MSNBC. I just added the imagery.

How to keep these immature people from goading each other? An international mechanism needs to be in place, which is what is being suggested now as a resolution to this conflict on more than a temporary basis.

Hamas needs to be prevented from arming and Israel needs to be prevented from overreacting. And the United States really needs to get involved soon.

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Najeeb said...

its right dear............
but what abt dat childrens and women those were killed and facing alot of problem ................
they are not wrong ..
killing civilians is not allowed any circumstances..

Econo-Girl said...


I say that Hamas already knew Israel would do this. So Hamas is equally responsible for innocent death. Hamas already knows that Israel always over reacts. Hamas was counting on Israel over reaction to result in Palestinian deaths so they could blame others.

If killing civilians is not allowed under any circumstances, then Hamas was wrong to fire rockets into Israel and risk killing civilians themselves.

Econo-Girl said...

Both Israel and Hamas are wrong. Both kill innocent civilians. Both act like children.

Karen Cramer Shea said...

If god wanted peace in the Middle East he would flatten the Temple Mount with a Large Asteroid. Until that occurs I suspect that god is patiently waiting for them to learn to live with each other.

Obviously, they haven't done so yet.

Econo-Girl said...

Karen, the wittiest and most insightful comment on peace in the Middle East I've heard yet.