HOW TO MAKE SHAMPOO-Fun Project for the Kids

This YouTuber has a lot of great videos on making household items and products for yourself. Making your own shampoo would be a fun and educational project for the kids. Have I done it myself yet? No. But I plan to with apples from my mother's apple tree this summer.

I introduce this series of videos to my blog for a couple of reasons: it is a resource for people seeking to save serious money, it provides information to people in the event of a massive economic meltdown, it provides information to people if grocery supply chains are disrupted for any reason.

Call me a fatalist.

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Tim (from homemade-shampoo.com) said...

Using locally sourced apples is a great idea for reducing your carbon footprint. Although most people don't realise, the average bottle of shampoo in your local store has travelled hundreds of miles to be there.