BP Prosecution! Slam Dunk! Like WMD!

You'd think after the "slam dunk" of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, people would stay away from that phrase.  Alas, no. 
Now, criminal charges against BP are being called a slam dunk, too.  The enthusiasm is appreciated.  You can just see environmental lawyers in their suits jumping up and throwing a basketball through a hoop.  The crowd goes wild!  High fives all around!
But seriously, can you come up with a better phrase than "slam dunk"?  Slam dunk was the weapons of mass destruction that were never there.  Slam dunk was the reason we went to war in Iraq, because the WMD evidence was a "slam dunk".  Oh yeah.  That's right.  And then they weren't.  So we went to war for nothing, not counting the oil.
How about another phrase like "home run" or "winning by a length"?  You notice all these are sports terms.  No one ever wants to win by a fluffy souffle or flaky pie crust.
"It's a flaky piecrust, Mr. President!"
"Well then, by gum, let's do it!"
And then we go to war.  Or put polluters in jail.

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