Robert Wone Trial: The Sandbox Defense

Today at the Robert Wone murder trial, little Econo-Girl sat in the middle of family members for people on trial for killing him. "This is a combination of sloppy police work and a cruel prosecutor," opined one man. Just shows you that there really are two sides to every story.

To wit, the first expert witness, Dr. Lee, a famous forensic pathologist, dug his feet in and refused to agree to the simplest idea. Honestly, it detracts from credibility when you deny basic common sense.

The second expert witness, Dr. Mayo, a famous forensic pathologist, went in the other direction and testified that getting stabbed would not prompt an involuntary reaction and that most people didn't have a physical reaction when being stabbed. You see, that makes it possible that Robert Wone wasn't drugged by the three men on trial and then stabbed, and instead was stabbed by an intruder into the house.

Then comes Mrs. Ward, mother to one of the defendants. She tells the court that the knife set to which the killing weapon belonged to her and she got it in Germany, home of good knives. She gave it to her son to use WITHOUT THE KILLER KNIFE IN THE SET. You see, she kept it the entire time in her kitchen and only realized it THIS PAST JANUARY! Wow, lucky for her son that she put it all together in time for the trial.

But the best of the day was saved for the last. The maid next door to the murder scene testified that the morning of the murder she had cleaned the house next to the house where the murder happened. She left. Before she left she noticed that the plastic cover for the sandbox was fine. She came back later, after she heard of a crime next door, and noticed that the cover to the sandbox was SMASHED! That points to again to AN INTRUDER! Using the plastic sandbox cover to STEP UP OVER THE FENCE! The prosecutor pointed out on cross that there was a table and a garbage can right next to the sandbox cover. One could observe that both were higher and sturdier and would be much better to use to climb over a fence.

And thus we have the SANDBOX DEFENSE: our guy didn't do it, some guy who jumps on cheap, plastic sandbox covers to get over a fence did it. See? Smashed sandbox cover? That proves that someone broke it, Right?

So tomorrow the defense is going to finish their rebuttal and then the prosecution will have several more witnesses. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Have you had a lot of traffic/views lately? Reason I ask-I encouraged people on another blog to read your post & may have inadvertently outed you.
Recent Comment on "Who Murdered Robert Wone.com" regarding your identity:
"If she is tall, broad shouldered and (bottle) blond, I would suggest quietly calling the name “Yvonne” and see if she turns around. There is a domme in DC who spent her college years working at Econo-Lodge and went by, surprise, “Econo-Girl” at one time. Could be coincidence. Or not."
I enjoyed reading "The Sandbox Defense".

Econo-Girl said...

Are you kidding? Of course not. My background and identity is well documented, and even has an entry in Wikipedia.