Chinese Drywall and What's Wrong With America

Chinese drywall is drywall made in China that has poisonous ingredients and makes anybody putting it in their house very sick.  So sick you would have to vacate the house entirely.
What has gone wrong with America is that we have all fallen victim to the myth that globalization is best.  So we get our clothes from China, our technology built in Pakistan and the call centers relocated to India.  And our drywall from China.  Of course, China doesn't have the quality standards we do in the United States and has even less of a concern for human life, especially American human life.
Globalization is best for large corporations.  It is not best for Americans.  Large corporations can avoid labor laws, safety requirements, lawsuits for avoidable workplace deaths and pollution restrictions in third world countries.  They can't do that in America.
Another problem is that America no longer manufactures what it uses.  That means Americans that make things are pushed out of work, which is a big problem.
If most of the products Americans used were made in America, it would be an automatic hedge against the kind of recession we are having now.  When the American economy is based on betting against stocks and mortgages, there's not much to hold it in place when optimism sours.  When American workers are making what Americans buy, a reverse in the financial poker game won't devastate people and families.


Doug said...

A very small percentage of drywall used in the USA is Chinese made. Right now there are about 3500 homes known to have this tainted Chinese Drywall installed. The amount of this board imported to the United States is believed to be enough to build approximately 61,000 homes. Where do you suppose the remaining 57,500 homes are? How many deaths have occurred because of this "epidemic"? This article is an example of "What's Wrong With America". There's too many people out there who don't know the facts and are quick to point a finger at us, the United States. You may want to think about this again, do some research and then maybe you'll have a better idea of how America is.

Econo-Girl said...

The blog post was about the perils of globalization, not foreign drywall. Chinese drywall was only one example of that globalization that has made us weaker as a nation. Never meant to say that Chinese drywall was the problem with America.