Irish Free Gaza and a Little Bit of History

There's an Irish boat that is going to try to bust the Gaza blockade tomorrow.  Please let's remember that there is a long connection between the Irish Republican Army and the PLO.  In fact, the car bomb was perfected in Ireland and then the IRA went to the Middle East and taught the PLO the best way to blow up a car in exchange for guns.
Fanciful stories about the Irish Potato Famine creating sympathy for the current Palestinian plight are romantic, but ill-informed.  The nature of the connection is terrorists sharing their methods for killing people.  The Irish people who still support the Palestinians actively are doubtless connected to the Irish terrorists who taught them how best to build a bomb.
But I guess the point of this rant is to highlight how these chattering people on television and radio make things up because they don't know the real reason.


Anonymous said...

Econo Girl -- get your facts straight. The American revolutionaries were "terrorists" too. When fighting trained troops and the world's greatest navy, Americans had no choice but asymmetric warfare. I want the English out of Ireland, and I want the Israelis to content themselves with what they managed to take from the Palestinians in 1967, which was already more than they deserved.

Like the Palestinians, the Irish, too, were starved by those who controlled our land. We, too, were held captive in our barren land. We know what it is to be occupied, impoverished, reviled, held in contempt by an arrogant people who considered themselves superior to us. They wanted our land, and to get it, they did to us what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians.

Econo-Girl said...

The American revolutionaries didn't blow up airplanes or set off car bombs in crowded markets to kill as many civilians as possible.

The Israelis don't want that land. They are not trying to get it from the Palestinians. The Palestinians are hamstrung by their own internal political problems that blaming Israel distracts them from.

Having said that, I do think the Israelis are not being rational related to how the Palestinians are being treated. But seriously, when you storm a blockade, you get shot at. The sailors in question could have gone to a pre-approved site where the goods would have been checked by the Israelis.