Oilspill and Iraq War

What does the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oilspill have in common with the war in Iraq?  Both risked lives to protect America's supply of oil.  Aren't we tired of doing that?
The first thing we did in Iraq was to take over the oil wells and throw out the oil purchase contracts and sell new ones to our friends.  BP was so interested, as was the U.S., in getting to that oil that BP management insisted on taking risks that were dangerous to human beings.  Remember, eleven men are dead now.  It's not just about the oily pelicans.  It's about the loss of human life. 
But the best part of all is how old men in overpriced suits are deciding that oil is worth dying for.
Where are those BP Board members anyway?  Why aren't they down there cleaning up the oil?   There was a fight just before the explosion where the BP boss told everybody that they had to take shortcuts.  Hours later, the explosion occurred.
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