Oil Spill, Dead Birds and Shrimp

Learn more about how BP is helping!  Just enter "oil spill" into a search engine and their PR flacks will direct you to wonderful lies about how well BP is handling the crisis.  Of course, they have the right to do this.  It's just one more sleazy, misleading thing they have done related to destroying our environment. 
Check out Slate.com for a story of two ways to get fired from a job with BP to clean up the spilled oil.  One is to be an illegal alien.  The other is to bring your own protective gear and breathing masks that have not been given to by BP.
So, in the context of the ongoing sleazy behavior and callous comments by the idiot BP CEO, the latest attempt by BP to manage public opinion looks even worse than it would for another company.
If the vapors from the spilled oil are dangerous, perhaps the entire Board of Directors should be made to go to the damaged area themselves and remain there until it is all cleaned up.

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Oil Spill Clean Up said...

I think that's a great idea. They should all have to conduct and call shots for cleanup while floating in sludge and dead animals, maybe then they will stop being so selfish and care more to resolve this disaster. Both www.oilcleanupmethods.com & www.oilspillcleanupmethods.com will be offering some better alternatives oil suggestions, HAZMAT worker assistance & resources for those in need. Time for the government to start hiring and paying more people to cleanup the oil and then bill or confiscate payment from BP later