Fenty's Fight Against Youth Crime in Age of Budget Decimation

Ten of them were gathered in a room and told to go home.  They didn't work there anymore.  The part-time librarians couldn't believe it.  Some of them had been working there over two decades.  There were tears of disbelief.
Budget cuts like that are hard on any Mayor.  Far be it for me to criticize when I've got no good solution to DC's awful budget shortfall. 
But with staff being slashed there is a standout among the changes:  the library hours are remaining the same.
Reduced staff but same hours?
The idea seems to be that the city wants the libraries to be open as a place for DC kids to go.  Which would make the overworked librarians, basically, babysitters.  Again, I have no better ideas myself.  Perhaps going to your local library to volunteer is the best action any of us can do for now.

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