Bank Names

A name, a name, what is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

This cheap paraphrase is the best expression yet of what Econo-Girl is suffering from these days: banks with undignified names.

"PNC"?!? Sure, good old Riggs was caught laundering money, and that certainly can be seen as hurting the brand, but "PNC"? Not to mention the goofballs behind the microphone in those commercials. The commercials have the self-confessional air of a speaker at an AA meeting, complete with angst and arm-waiving.

My regular little dumplings might be tempted to think that with my husband cracking up the car a second time in six months, that would be the forefront of my current concerns. No, all that means is he needs a beat up old truck.

Instead, Econo-Girl's mind reaches more broadly to society at large. And what is the meaning of these weird, disconnected bank names? Wachovia is another one. Dumb name. It reminds Econo-Girl of the commercial "With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good." Does it really? We're not talking a breakfast treat. We're talking MONEY.

There is a grand old RIGGS building near Econo-girl and they actually SAND-BLASTED the RIGGS name off and hung a plastic PNC sign. This is a classic old building. Ah well, maybe Econo-Girl is an old fogey before her time.


lewis_medlock said...

i agree re. the bank names.

I rather enjoy a corporation with a name attached to it......no fan of corporate America here, at least in its 2005 incarnation, but these convoluted and shortened names are odd.
Its odd you mention Smuckers...located about 30 miles from here (Orrville Ohio).
smallish town, no bigger than it needs to be, stuck in the middle of America....on the other side of the glacial moraine, so it looks more like KS than WV (ohio has 3 distinct topographies....flat, hilly and rocky/hilly....).
got time for more rant?
when i mention im no fan of corp. america 2005, i mean the corporate philosophy that says profit at all costs....I live in a house that Harvey Firestone (of the exploding Wilderness AT Firestones...) had built in 1943...if you rented it from him for a year, your rent for the year became the downpayment, on a mortgage at his bank, the Firestone Bank. Wasnt hard for the working class to get in on the American dream....when he died , his open casket was paraded around the facilities here in Akron...to hear my grandmother tell it, the appreciation for them man was tremendous.
Now we have Haliburton and Enron.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The Lazy One is a big fan of his credit union.

I own a small slice of my bank! Commercial banks all suck.

Econo-Girl said...

How about that old-time corporate responsibility? After fifty years, we forgot WHY the New Deal was important. Hopefully our lesson won't be as dramatic as the last time.

Econo-Girl said...


Credit Unions can be hard to get to, though. Here in DC, there are banks on every corner.

Anonymous said...

Why not have odd sounding names? There are so many "First Union" and "First America Bank" and "First Bank America," names like "Wachovia" stick out; get noticed more, and thus, hopefully get more customers.