"Why Us?"

That was the plaintive cry from the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.  Hmmm.  I don't know, Jeb my boy, but maybe it is because you threw the election to your brother.  Think God might be mad?
Leisure Lad and myself have a good friend in the path of the next big storm.  I called him and asked that he come up north a week earlier than planned to avoid the storm.  He refused, claiming the need to 'batten down the hatches.'  Once again, Econo-Girl's nagging is less than fruitful.
That got her to thinking.  If people in the path of a major storm were to leave every time one was heading for them, would they be leaving their homes all the time?  Is that what explains the residents' stubborness?


The Lazy Iguana said...

THey say that only people in the storm surge area and/or people living in trailers/RVs should pack up and leave. If you live in a concrete block house, away from the strom surge area, and out of a known flood area - you should stay.

Why? Look at what happened in Texas. Everyone tried to leave, and the result was nobody could leave. Public shelters are open to anyone, but people are urged to reserve the space in them for those with special needs, like say an oxygen tank or a sick child.

I will stay for this one. I live on the East Coast of FL, so Wilma will give me the reach around. Also, I expect to be south of the eyewall - and not in anything more than a category 1 storm. No big deal.

People who live from Ft Myers down south to Naples better decide what to do and decide QUICK!

As for Jeb, his ass lives in Tallahassee, in a home taxpayers foot the bill for. Why us??? Since when is his rich ass us? His family can afford to replace any property they loose without needing to claim anything on insurance.

Put Jeb in a trailer, or a public shelter for a storm. Have him live in a stadium for a few weeks after a storm. Have him fight with an insurance company for months to get pennies on the dollar for his property damage. THEN he can claim to be us.

Econo-Girl said...

The family friend in question lives in Naples NEXT TO THE BEACH. What on God's Earth he is thinking, I'll never know.