No Living Room?

Econo-Girl reads with curiousity an article in the Washington Post that says Gen X home buyers don't want living or dining rooms in their houses.


So they all eat in their kitchen for Sunday dinner? Or maybe on trays in the Great Room? I'm having a hard time picturing it. Leisure Lad and myself got tv trays as wedding gifts. Sure, they're great, but what's wrong with a living room?

Econo-Girl likes winters chiefly because she can sit in front of her wood pellet stove and read and meditate. Such a peaceful feeling. I also gossip with friends there when Leisure Lad is having one of his classic t.v. marathons. Our living room is one of those small Victorian things but it is cozy.

Econo-Girl likes eating in a dining room, too, which makes her kind of a dinosaur these days. Isn't it nice to sit there with a nice table set, with a friend or two there, and all these home-made dishes for people to eat? Econo-Girl will confess that she also enjoys eating from matching dishes and serving plates, even if the negates your respect for her.

So we will see how this 'trend' shakes down. Will it survive a coming 'real estate slow-down'? What does it say about the current U.S. family? Probably that meal times are no longer the focal point of family activity anymore. Television is.


Anonymous said...
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The Lazy Iguana said...

Sounds like bullshit to me. I am a Gen Xer, and I want a living room! Oh yea, and a dining room.

Of course I also want a moat and a drawbridge. And you say YOU are the dinosaur because you want a table.

lewis_medlock said...

..maybe they only polled the rich and trendy..

what is the norm on the coasts sure isnt the norm in the heartland.

.....give me a big farm house with a 1000 foot driveway any day......

Econo-Girl said...


Didn't you post something on your blog about a guy who built a castle in your very state? So it is not unprecedented.

Econo-Girl said...


I can't wait until they try to unload these things on the market. Maybe some real estate reporter has nothing better to write that week.

lewis_medlock said...

..... a moat and a draw bridge........
sounds good.
but give me the 1000 ft driveway and a couple of dogs........less obtrusive and works just as well.