The Presiden'ts Working Harem

President Bush has a 'work wife' in the shape of our latest Supreme Court nominee. She is singularly devoted to the President, whom she refers to as the "most brilliant man I ever met." Talk about being blinded by love. She's even worse than Hillary, who at least had the sense to throw a lamp at Bill once in a while.

But let's stand back for a moment. Doesn't the President have a harem of working wives? This one seems to have absolutely NO LIFE outside of working for the President. And there's the Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, also an unmarried woman dedicated to the President.

Who are the others? Who's that image-making Ambassador of goodwill at the State Department? Karen Hughes? Wasn't she only recently married and then decided to go to Texas again? Of course, now she is back and getting an earful from audiences overseas.

I wonder how the First Lady feels about all of this? Not too bad, I imagine, since the President doesn't spend much time working.

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