Blood for Oil

Latvia is complaining that Russia is doubling its oil prices to the tiny nation as a political pressure tool. They probably are. It's why anybody cares at all what happens in the Middle East. So they're killing each other? So what?

How many local conflicts has the world ignored because there was no economic relavance to the place?

That's why Econo-Girl thinks our number one national priority should be alternative fuel research and setting up the infrastructure for working at home. So if someone decides to pressure the US by turning off our oil supply, we can weather it.

Then the idiots can kill themselves until none are left. It will no longer be our problem.


Anonymous said...

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The Lazy Iguana said...

It will always be our problem. Regional wars, left unchecked, have a tendancy to escalate into other areas.

I am all for the devlopment of other fuels, but the reality is that oil will be here for some time to come. There is not any other source that is practical at the present time.

What America needs to do right now is learn to use less. Already, SUV and truck sales are way down. Sales of the full size Chevy Silverado is down 47%. Hybrid cars are sold less than 24 hours after they hit the lot.

But cars are just the start. New houses need to be built with skylights. People need to ditch the old lightbulbs and go for power compacts. Old windows that leak cold or hot air (depending on where you live and the season of the year) need to be replaced.

Stuff like that. It needs to be done.