Econo-Girl Has the Blues

Leisure Lad wrecked the car again. The last time was six months ago. This time he is paying for it out of pocket because I can't get this many wrecks on my insurance record.

The good news is that Econo-Girl restrained herself from a spending spree and doesn't have to use a credit card at all. Still, it's a hassle.

And try and find a good garage.

I just started a new job and Friday my car was booted and now it is wrecked. Not a very good impression, I'm afraid.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Bummer. Sounds like someone needs to give up the car keys, and get a 10 speed.

2 cars in 6 months? It is a good idea to not let the insurance company know about it - they would drop you, or raise premiums so high it would make gas at $10 a gallon seem cheap.

lewis_medlock said...

sorry to hear.

the boot........i dont like em....
hold your car hostage over parking tickets...

i think id cut it off if ever one were placed on my truck. but thats just me. id reallly love to do it one day....wish i could have helped. its not very civil to disable a person's car.....
econo, btw, did you google "lewis medlock"????

Econo-Girl said...


The ignorant Econo-Girl had no idea your identity came from a movie. Apologies. I remember thinking at the time that it is odd for someone to use their real name.

Man vs. Nature. Great struggle. Since Econo-Girl grew up in Appalachia, she still wants to be prepared for electricity going out and needing to poop in the woods. Just so she doesn't get soft.

lewis_medlock said...

glad you looked it up..!
yep, lewis is my screen idol, even though i know he is but a movie character...prepared and ready city boy who can hack it in the woods.......thats me.

if you have the time, you should read Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer.
It is about the anti-lewis medlock, a young kid who goes into the alaskan bush. its a sad tale, and true. his folks were fromthe DC area, I believe.
Krakauer writes a lot of outdoorsy stuff.

Econo-Girl said...

You know something really struck me in the news a few months ago. A kid was separated from his Scout troop and everyone was looking for him. He was found, a little thirsty but OK.

What took me aback was what his mother said after he was found:

Of all my children, I would have though he would be the least likely to survive

When the detective came to our house I was calm, I had accepted his death and was ready to hear the news. (huh?)

I just can't believe it.

- So the mother had a real hard time accepting that her son was ALIVE. Isn't that weird? Or is it a function of detaching from the too-painful?