Consumer Sentiment Dips!

See this link:
How is it that the very people paid good money to watch the economy are SURPRISED that consumer sentiment is lower?  Don't they get their own gas and groceries?  Econo-Girl almost fell over dead at the cost of a few groceries Sunday night.  How can a family with children be making ends meet?  It's going to be a tough winter.
On a related note, Econo-Girl acquired a wood pellet stove a few years ago and it is her prized possession.  No one in DC or the surrounding suburbs even heard of a pellet stove.  And now, because her house was built in 1908, Econo-Girl has a coal-burning fireplace in the dining room she is going to outfit.
You can go on the Internet and get exact cast iron replicas of old fireplace inserts that also burn wood and wood pellets.
The purpose is to hedge our bets against the fall of civilization, or at least the loss of electricity for a week.  And it is so cozy!


Anonymous said...

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lewis_medlock said...

.....can you burn corn in that stove....?
corn really works great.very little ash when you are done.
high btu content as well.
we have an alternate plan for when the power goes out for a week....or ten........
Camp Out.
Me, the missus and the kids love to camp we have tent camped forever, even though we could buy an RV or trailer.....have tent camped in Disney world even!!(but we are going to stay in a motel next time!)....and if things got bad, my plan isnt to try and make my current Cape Cod home in the city work, but to go somewhere and rough it until things got back to normal.
We could make it here at home if we had to, but it is easier to stay warm in a tent in a -30 degree bag than at home w/o nat. gas.
guns are a plus as well......if things got that bad, hunting regs go out the window!
btw...this is a good blog.

Econo-Girl said...

Thanks, Lewis. Econo-girl has this thing about a roof. And getting Leisure Lad to camp outside? Never.

I didn't think of burning corn, what a great idea. I'll ask about it.

The next stage is storing the requisite water and military meals. No guns allowed in DC, though.

Econo-Girl said...

I'll let the above spam go. It isn't that crassly commercial, is it?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Humm. I do not need heat. For the one or two days it gets cold, I can just deal with it using more clothes.

But take the recent hurricane Wilma into consideration. Right wing blow hard apologists are saying that people should have a weeks worth of supplies in storage.

Think about this for a bit. 1 week. now consider that there are many people who can not afford to buy more than 3 days of food at a time. What do they do?

Stand in line the day after a strom for water, thats what. Do not tell this to Fox News, the logic might cause heads to explode.

Econo-Girl said...

Iggy, great point. Our government and disaster planners are out of touch.