Econo-Girl is trying to talk herself into capital purchases because the price of everything is about to rise. Shouldn't she get it now when it is cheaper?

The thing is, she really doesn't need anything. We have two t.v.'s, more than enough. Our bedroom has an old boombox where the volume and the station are stuck. That's fine, since all we listen to is NPR on volume = 20 to wake us up in the morning.

How about a new car? Well, the current Mercedes joined our household a year ago. It is a 1998 C230 and is a damn fine car. So scratch that one.

Econo-Girl has tenants in her basement apartment and would like some kind of music in the living room for privacy. And it would add a bit of class when we are laying around reading, which what we do with most of our free time.

We got an icemaker that doesn't work. Or maybe it does but we just haven't figured out how to get it going yet.

The front and backyards are finished, no small task. When we moved in, the backyard was all broken glass, old trash and broken cement. Now there is a deck and a garden and a little brick patio. There is even an upper level to the deck so the dogs can see who they are barking at.

We have two computers and one has high-speed internet access.

We have two cats. One of them catches mice like a demon but has issues about being held. Like she'll bite you hard if you try it. But if you sit still she will climb on you and purr like a lawnmower. Which leads you to thinking that, maybe, this time she'll consent to being held. And then, CHOMP.

The other cat does nothing at all but let you pick him up and purr. He is Johnny. Johnny also hangs around with our three dogs in a very dog-like manner.

We have three dogs. Merlin is the alpha male and the erstwhile boss. He is too stupid to realize that the pit bull/german shepard mix is actually always getting her way even though he is the loudest. Amber is the pit bull we got for nine dollars from drug dealers. She is smart and very protective. Econo-Girl had to have an unpleasant conversation with the downstairs tenants recently and Amber was the only one to see that tension. She guarded the door to the downstairs apartment for two hours after the tenant went downstairs. Molly is the puppy we just got. She is very low key and won't budge for most things that get the other two excited. Odd for a puppy.

So what do we need? Econo-Girl has already confessed to her interior stained-glass mahogany door, a sin long passed.

We have what we need. Except a baby. Next year we are going to adopt. Leisure Lad wants a Russian child. Econo-girl doesn't because of all the bad things she has heard about those Russian kids coming over from their orpanages. We'll see.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Watch out with that pit bull. The breed is banned in Miami. Too many cases of pits attacking people - mostly kids and old people.

In some cases, the dogs were trained attack dogs who got loose. But in other cases, they were just normal pets who snapped and went postal on their owners.

Econo-Girl said...

There are definitely things to keep in mind about pit bulls when raising them. Always let them know you are the boss.

From the beginning, I have put my hand into Amber's mouth to remove things. That is really important. And if she gives me any attitude, I grab her by the back of the neck and stare her down. That also works. I never have to do it anymore. When I signal her to go out the door, and she doesn't, I pull her out the door. So she knows I mean it when I say something.