Dick Cheney is a Liar - There Are No Memos

You right-wing nut jobs will believe anything Dick Cheney tells you. There are no SECRET memos. He's just making that up to justify what they did. Torture doesn't save lives, waterboarding doesn't save lives and nothing justifies waterboarding somebody eighty-three times in one month. We won World War II without it and even prosecuted people for waterboarding.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

of course Cheney is going to get on TV and try to rile up what remains of the Republican Party. Political show trial! Communism! keeping America safe. Current policies not keeping us safe.

He has to say these things. He knows what any investigation will uncover.

If you ask me, listening to Cheney cry foul over investigations is like listening to a drug dealer cry about the DEA.

The right are hoping - praying - for another major attack on America.