Serial Killer Releases Pop Album

And performs for prison guards and court officials, too. This is in Singapore.

The AFP reports "Henyansyah was arrested in July last year after bags containing the dismembered body parts of one of his alleged victims, Herry Santoso, were found on a Jakarta roadside."

But all that travail hasn't taken the stars out of his eyes. He is publishing an autobiography soon.

From AFP: "Indeed, his autobiography, "The Untold Story of Ryan," includes maps to the graves in his parents' backyard, as well as photographs that chart his progress from village boy to Koran recital teacher, to simpering, shirtless male model"

Can you imagine making a map to the graves of all the people you killed and putting it in your autobiography? I guess it would be too sick to contemplate, except if you are a serial killer. The court will decide in April if he is put to death. My vote is YES.

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