Roswell! Space Aliens! Peace in the Middle East!

Space aliens have been visiting our planet! I am so excited. Now that every eight-year-old has been vindicated stay tuned for the Abominable Snowman or Big Foot stories around the dinner table. This is the sort of thing that gathers steam.

Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, born in Roswell, New Mexico of all places, has been told a story by some of the villagers there about what really happened in 1947. Space aliens landed and the locals were sworn and threatened into silence.

But now that our financial system is in collapse, our economy is shrinking and the former President might be indicted for war crimes, they feel free to speak out. Perhaps because the threshold for credibility has fallen so low.

What has changed if we are not alone in the universe (is that a proper noun that needs to be capitalized now?)

I guess the Palestinians and the Israelis will finally realize neither is going anywhere and will settle this whole thing. We need to band together as carbon-based Earth life forms. Or maybe we can ship them off to separate planets so their brewing civil wars won't disrupt everybody else like their peace process has.

I have always maintained that it is illogical to think that of all the planets in the universe, ours is the only one with intelligent life on it. It just doesn't make sense. Or maybe we don't have intelligent life on Earth at all, but just think we do. That would be worse for the space aliens, conversation-wise.

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Gary S. Bekkum / STARpod.org said...

Dear Ms. Axsmith,

I would like to discuss with you some unusual activities which took place in 2006 involving Dr.Ronald S. PANDOLFI, a former CIA DST technology analyst, Dr. Christopher Kit GREEN, former Senior Division Head at CIA and on-going consultant, and their mentor, Dr. John C. GANNON, presently President for Global Analysis at BAE SYSTEMS.

You may refer to this article for background material:


If you are interested, please email me at garysbekkum@gmail.com

Thank you!


Gary S. Bekkum
STARstream Research