Ronson Breakup with Lindsay Lohan Planned for PR

I have some experience analyzing the media, and I can tell by the media placing and timing of the breakup, and the details of how it happened, that Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson planned her breakup with Lindsay Lohan to get a lot of publicity.

There are so many ways to end a relationship. There is absolutely no reason to end one with cameras flashing to the complete surprise of the person you are breaking up with. And there Ronson is, giving the British version of the middle finger to the camera with two celebrity whores hanging on her shoulders. I am a little surprised that US Magazine published the photo. Someone there had to know what that gesture meant.

I feel really bad for Lindsay. Her feelings were used for publicity.

Ronson apparently has a serious substance abuse problem as her family staged an intervention for her that she walked out of. And the family blamed Lindsay Lohan. No, actually it is Ronson's fault. Pressing Ronson to break up with Lindsay Lohan is not going to get her into rehab.

NEWSFLASH: Ronson, nobody knew who you were before dating Lindsay Lohan, and shortly, they will not care if you are dead or alive. In fact, they probably don't now.

We are with you Lindsay.


UKGreek said...

I'm a big Lohan supporter, and I've also been a Ronson supporter. I don't claim to know the truth about the charges of substance abuse for either of them.

But you seem to. Using the word "apparently" does not justify your accusation that Ronson has a "serious substance abuse problem". Back it up before you state something so serious, or don't say it at all.

I could barely watch what went down last weekend. And I'm fairly convinced that Ronson is as much to blame for the problems in the relationship as Lohan, but her problems are out of sight. Lohan overreacts in public. What is she reacting to? The Ronsons changing plans they'd made, for the umpteenth time? Ronson's friends telling her Lohan is cheating? I think there's more to it than Lohan's freak-outs. We now know how little Ronson can stand up to her family and what she was willing to let them do to her partner. I kinda believe Lohan now that people were talking trash about her to Ronson, who finally caved.

And if you look at the close non-DJ friends Ronson has, you have to wonder about her judgement. Those people are bad, bad news. They turned on Lohan, literally, within minutes. Lohan not only lost Ronson, she lost an entire group of friends--or as it turns out, phony friends.

But you do a major disservice to both of them, and to your opinion, when you state things like that and don't back them up. If you want to help, do better. Make us believe your assertions with logic and fact.

Econo-Girl said...

I got the information from the US Magazine article that is linked to the title of this blog post. It says Ronson walked out of an intervention and called Lindsay.

UKGreek said...

And? The intervention was about Lindsay, not drugs--it was about breaking up with her.

I've read nothing that comes close to verifying any drug use.