Kim Kardashian's Thighs and the Power of Fat

I always wanted to meet the men were who were deciding that starving women were beautiful. I'll bet you anything they hate women.

The one person to stand up to the media monsters is a reality star named Kim Kardashian. And Kim is definitely beautiful and curvy. She also states the obvious when she says "So what" to having cellulite. It's part of having curves.

It's the most feminist thing said to the world in a long time. The courage is amazing. Kim Kardashian has stood up to the entertainment business, of which she is a part, and called them on their bullshit. That's quite a risk to take with your career.

As a middle-aged curvy woman, I remember when cellulite was a source of derision and shame. The photos in magazines in the '70s had stick thin women with thighs as wide as their arms. Of course, that wasn't naturally possible. Then the '80s brought big boobs with stick thin thighs. That wasn't natural, either, but it never stopped making us feel bad about ourselves.

One day I realized, well into my forties, that the photos I saw all the time were doctored and the women in them had plastic surgery. We, as a nation, were being shown pictures of cut up people and being told we should look like them.

Thank God Kim Kardashian had the courage to insist on being human. Now I am a fan, although I've have never seen her on t.v.

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Unknown said...

Critical theory has it that any discourse, say feminism, can be tackled on a ground-level debate like whether or not Kim Kardashian is a step forward for feminism.

Kate said...

i admire Kim Kardashian as a lady eventhough she seems fat or wahtsoever. She's still amazing.

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