Kathy Ireland Isn't Fat

The photo in People magazine isn't a flattering one. She does look pregnant. But she doesn't look that bad. Sure, I guess if I was a supermodel and I saw myself in an untouched-up pose I would be upset as well. And if I gained 25 pounds.

But is that really a cause for panic?

How much of America would love to be only 25 pounds heavier than their prime? Most of them. That doesn't even really qualify as obese. Not to mention she has had a few kids.

This article is clearly a PR gimmick intended to sell her book. And it taps into how bad women already feel about each other and themselves by calling Kathy Ireland fat. Wow, we think. If she's fat, then I'm a porker.

So I am calling for a boycott of her book. Don't buy Kathy Ireland's new book. And stop buying People magazine!


Anonymous said...

She looks fat. Get a grip

rimbaud said...

I think her fat body was pretty sexy!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know when that picture was taken. The slope of her belly and size of her boobs looks like a woman who has given birth recently. It wouldn't surprise me at all if that was taken after the birth of her last child (2003?)

Econo-Girl said...

I agree. She looks like she just gave birth. The media machine gets paid to make us hate ourselves. Setting insane goals for the public at large helps sell products, and conveniently satisfaction can never be met. So you will always need to buy.