Reagan Was Wrong

I know a lot of people who call Reagan the best President we ever had. Personally, I could never see the appeal of orange blush and dyed red hair, but that's just me.

Aside from petty complaints, Ronald Reagan ushered in a free market free-for-all that has ended with our banks broken and our people in debt and horrible unemployment. The unemployment is almost as bad as it was back when Reagan was President.

One of the first things Reagan did was to eliminate all programs for researching or supporting alternative energy. Not really thinking ahead there, was he?

And then there was the famous idea "let industry regulate themselves." Now we have people who die from bad food and bad juice. Food poisoning happens all the time. That never used to be the case. One thing you used to be able to rely on is the safety of the American food supply.

The motto of the Reagan era was "Greed is Good." We are now living with the results of this failed philosophy. Families are being thrown in the street because of this philosophy. People are killing their children because of the economic tragedy that has befallen this great nation. It's about time these bad ideas are reversed.

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Karen Cramer Shea said...

I wish those who claim Reagon would actually embrace real deregulation and all its implications. Instead they deregulate when things go well and run to the government when thing go bad. The free market can only exist if the pigs and the fools get wiped out regularly.

The problem with the food industry now is we have pretend government regulation. If we had no government regulation companies would self regulate to protect brands and small companies would create an indepent company to certify safety. Now we just hace a mess and we can't trust anything.