Hooray for the Washington, DC DMV!

I completely updated my driver's registration online - even though it expired several weeks ago! And I changed my registration address. I've been living here since January 30, 2010, and have not updated my registration address simply because I didn't feel like taking a trip to the DMV. Well, it seems they didn't want me there, either. That's fine. My feelings aren't hurt. In fact, you couldn't renew your registration in person at the DMV if you tried. It has to be done by mail or online.

Other services provided by our DMV:

Renew Driver's License
Renew ID Card
Renew Vehicle Registration and Residential Parking
Schedule Road Test
Pay Tickets
Locate Towed Vehicle
DMV Online Address Change

You don't even have to leave your home to fight a ticket anymore. See Adjudication Services
Ticket Payments
Ticket Installment Plan Payment
Schedule Minor Moving and Photo Enforcement Hearings
Fleet Payments
Email Ticket Alert Service

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