If a Socialist Stood Up For the Tea Party, Would They Be Shot?

You might think I'm getting lazy with the YouTube reposts, but this one is good. It raises all the points about how Republicans have failed in the past 20 years. It ignores that Democrats have participated in that failure. Bill Clinton and Robert Reich loosened the Depression-era controls on Wall Street and toxic assets were the result. It is during the Obama Administration that most people were illegally foreclosed on. This administration is really good a rhetoric, but let themselves get rolled by Wall Street. Where are the prosecutions? The newly-impoverished bankers? The news stories on their great fall? Nowhere.

I am not a Republican by any means. I am also not a Socialist. But there are many Socialists who agree with some of the basic idea of the Tea Party. Would both sides be able to get over themselves enough to get those things done?

But getting a few of the Tea Party people into the halls of power might be a good thing. The Tea Party seems to be angry at the Wall Street bailout. So am I. The Tea Party is against health care reform. Too late, it already happened. And no politician on Earth is going to tell a mother her child should be denied health insurance coverage and die. Once you pass something like that, it is here to stay. The Tea Party adherents also fear the religion of Islam and consider it the enemy. And? They aren't going to be able to outlaw the religion or do anything of the kind.

I have great hopes for the Tea Party. I hope they metaphorically hold the feet of Wall Street to the fire. I hope they hold to their beliefs that America does not need to be engaged in a war in Iraq and most of the time, doesn't need to be engaged in a war at all.

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