Washington DC's Non-Profit Scam

  Many museums in DC are just an excuse to run a catering business without paying taxes.  I am speaking of the Newseum in particular. They make a fortune catering to private parties and the entire building is used as private residences - all tax free. Same with other "museums" in this town. No wonder district taxes are so high. We have to make up for these thieving scoundrels. 

Other cities are catching wise to this scam. See below. And don't get me started about the Universities. 

More Cities Look To Nonprofits For Cash
BOSTON — Financially strapped U.S. cities are increasingly turning to private universities, hospitals and other tax-exempt nonprofits for cash, but a new report finds methods...

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Rick said...

Hi Econo Girl,
What do you mean that the entire building is used as residences?

Econo-Girl said...

yes, that is what I mean, except for the downstairs part which is the museum/restaurant for tax-free profit.