Nanowrimo: Day Two

Today is day two of my epic effort to finish my novel. I wrote just under two thousand words today. Once you get into a groove with it, the story just starts flowing. That's what happened last time I did this project.

The problem with my last novel, a murder mystery, was that I had no clear idea of the resolution. There was a witness to the murder, a cat. So the critical parts of the story are told from a cat's point of view. Remembering that cats are killers themselves, I thought would make an interesting choice.

Somehow it all fell apart at the end, though. I forced myself to finish it, to make up some ending that seemed halfway reasonable. I've got that thing lying around here somewhere. Of course in the age of computers, that means my hard drive.

So it is all starting to spill out. The new novel, I mean. This one I really like. Again, I don't know how it is going to end or what the resolution will be. At what point am I supposed to figure that out?

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