Wikileaks II: Funny to watch

Well Wikileaks II has begun to hit and the results are hilarious, at least in the short term. Watching people react to how things really work is most amusing.

"You mean they don't MEAN all the things they say on t.v.?"

"But the news said..."

"You mean the U.S Government threatens and bullies allies to get what they want?"

"Other governments say one thing and do another and then blame us for it and we let it happen?"

"You mean that the U.S. KNOWS about graft and corruption and says nothing for political reasons?"

I'm glad the revelations are happening over time, so there will be many laughs to come.

Until the killing starts, anyway. Because that is what is going to happen. Once the content leaked in these diplomatic cables is digested, especially in the Middle East, there will be bloodshed over the political betrayals. The blood of American allies. And their replacements may not be inclined towards the same hypocrisy.

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