Time Traveler Caught on Film - Time Traveler Cell Phone - Charlie Chapli...

Could it be a time traveler who strolled across the set of a Charlie Chaplin movie? View the YouTube video clip. It looks like a man in drag talking on a cell phone decades before cell phones are invented. The person doesn't walk like a woman at all, and when they pause and turn their head it definitely looks like a man.

But let's look at the mystery in context. Charlie Chaplin was noted for being meticulous and paying great attention to detail. It seems improbable that someone walking through his film shoot while talking to himself - and that's how it would have looked to people back then - would have gone either unnoticed or uncut from the final film.

Undoubtedly, the alleged "cell phone user" seems strange in mannerisms and gait, and even more so for being dressed as a woman. But times were different back then and maybe middle-aged to elderly women were like that. We have no real basis for comparison. And let's remember that this period in American history had a lot of people immigrating from Europe. Their behavior may seem odd to us but be perfectly normal for the time period and where they came from.

Maybe walking around with your hand to your ear while talking to yourself is more of a natural state to humans than we had previously thought. The person (I still can't bring myself to say "she") may be listening to the sound of their own voice, which is frequently done cupping your hand over your ear.

I would like to see a close-up of the hand near the ear to see if there was anything being held to the ear at all. And anyway, if time travel is invented in the future, who wouldn't want to be in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

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