Ahmadinejad In Trouble

One of the challenges of being an obnoxious loudmouth is that you need to deliver the goods to keep your support. That's where Ahmadinejad is failing. He promised lower food prices and Iranians are upset at the price of tomatoes in Tehran.

Let's set aside for a moment how 3000 people are dying each month in Tehran from pollution. People have to be upset at that.

Econo-Girl is impressed at the ability of the Iranian people to hold a leader to account by examining the bottom line. Yes, if oil profits will be used to lower the cost of food, then its success will be shown in the supermarket. And if it can't be seen there, it hasn't been a success.

Americans don't seem to have such a single-minded focus. Like when President Bush told us that Saddam Hussein had a role in 9-11, then told us that he sponsored terrorism, then told us that even though no weapons of mass destruction were found Saddam Hussein was still a threat to the U.S. and getting rid of him was a good thing.

And how many Americans have supported President Bush all along this logical chain, never sticking to the initial promise and looking for its fulfillment? A lot.

So it seems the Iranians are more adept at measuring the promises of their leaders. Good for them.

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