Let's Invade Cuba!

Econo-Girl joined the communists last night. Not in an ideological sense, just sat in the same audience with them to watch a film.

The film criticized the U.S. economic blockage of Cuba. It referred to the damage done to the Cuban people. While Econo-Girl doesn't accept all of it, there is some truth in what they describe.

Then, in a fit of irony, the film talked about how the Cuban economy had been run by the subsidiaries of transnational companies. Hmmm. What do they think will happen when the blockade ends? The U.S. companies will run in there like money is raining from the sky.

And then, the Cuban government will be answering to the transnational companies investing in its infrastructure. It will be like an invasion. Be careful what you wish for.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The embargo of Cuba never seemed like a well thought out plan to me.

1. During the embargo, getting a Cuban cigar was illegal. Yet, I could go to the booze depot and buy Stoli Russian Vodka. Gallons of it.

2. We do all manners of business with China.

3. Hell, we are even doing business in Vietnam.

All three above nations are / were communist. We were in a cold war with Russia while buying Russian Vodka!

But Cuba was worse? Castro was a puppet of Moscow. That is all.

And by the way, Cubans in Miami break that embargo all the time. I worked in the airport here, EVERY DAY there were charter flights to Havana. They would all come back with cigars and rum. They would leave with huge bags packed so full of stuff that the bags seemed to be solid.

And once I found $12,000 in CASH on a guy going to Cuba. Nothing was done. I was working security. The supervisor told me to let him go, because he was just taking the money to his family. The supervisor was also Cuban. It is ILLEGAL to have more than $10,000 in US Currency without the proper Customs declaration form.

Another person I found with over 10k in cash, who was not going to Havana, was reported to Customs.

And yes, I was working for TSA both times.

Fuzz said...

Reminds me of Humpty Dumpty's words meaning whatever he wanted them to mean.