War vs. Universal Health Care and Free College Education

So what is it with these Republicans? If anyone had suggested that we spend billions improving our education system, make college free, and gave everyone health insurance, they would have been called a Socialist.

But given the chance to spend billions to kill people, they're all over it.

George Bush is looking for a legacy that isn't Iraq, and he's stumbled on the availability of health insurance. So tomorrow night we will hear a speech that he could have made at the beginning of his reign, but he was afraid of looking weak or not pandering to his base.

Now that he's desperate, America is starting to get what it needs: universal health care.


The Lazy Iguana said...

You think so? I don't know. I admire your optimism, and I would like to get off my Bush "Don't get sick" health plan (it works GREAT! As long as you do not get sick. Or fall down the stairs).

I suppose if I did fall down some stairs and break my arm or leg, I could just hobble to my vehicle and crash it into something so I could make a PIP claim. Think that would work?

I think he will bitch about Congress. You know, some bullshit about how is is willing to work with Congress to tackle the important things, as long as Congress works with him by agreeing with whatever crazy plan he comes up with. About how important the surge is. About how we MUST not give up and loose his war.

No matter what he does, his legacy is tied to the fate of Iraq. He knows it. I think he will try to deflect the focus AWAY from Democrat stuff like universal ANYTHING (except universal war) to "one last real chance to win the war".

But we shall see. I have been wrong (infrequently) and you have been wrong (also infrequently). So we shall see!

Jandi for The Fuzz said...

There is not enough money to do everything that everyone wants to do, hence the huge deficit. I supose they can always print more. Pity they can't print oil.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Your spies are better than mine. Good job calling the speech.

Michael said...

Well, I just heard the parts of Bush's speech that deal with health care, and I am gladder than ever that I've moved to a country which has universal health care...

He said, basically, that if you have health insurance through your job, you'll get a tax cut. There was nothing there to even suggest ways of getting the uninsured (about 1 in 7 Americans) onto a health plan. And even if they got the tax cut, the saving is not enough to buy private insurance.

Especially when you realize that most uninsured in America are the "working poor" or the disabled. I've worked case management in a mental health clinic, and have had clients in both categories, and they are the one who are both least able to get insurance, and most in need of it.

But then, they don't vote for Bush, anyway...

Besides, I can't believe the "money isn't there" argument: If Israel, with all of its budget problems, and its need for a huge defence establishment, and still guarantee a basic level of health services for all residents, there is no reason why the US, with its wealth, can't do the same.

It's a matter of will, not money. Or rather, it's a matter of money buying the wrong will.