U.S. War with Iran

It's possible. Econo-Girl has chatted about the possibility before. While Admadinejad is a loudmouth who rarely backs up his words, he better watch it this time. The U.S. may just pick up the fight.

Admadinejad distracts Iranians from internal problems by beating the anti-Zionist drum. He is betting that Bush does not have the political backing to start warring with Iran.

But that's the thing with Bush: he doesn't always do the expected thing. He certainly doesn't listen to all points of view. Doubtless his advisers will tune carefully to Bush's signals to find out what he really wants to hear and then reflect it back to him..

So Ahmadinejad better think again before taunting the tiger. It's a little irrational and in need of restoring its reputation.

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Michael said...

On this one, I think you are absolutely right. Bush is increasing the naval presence in the Persian Gulf to 2 carrier groups, and 2 amphibious assault groups; more than enough power to defeat the Iranian navy and airforce, and gain control of access to and from the Iranian coast.

Iran doesn't need to be invaded, just militarily and economically neutralized so that it can no longer support the terrorists in Iraq and Lebanon. If Iran is beaten, Syria will fold.

In terms of strategy while fighting the current crop of Islamic terrorists, it might not even be a bad move.

Does Bush, however, have the poitical capital at home to do this? Prob'ly not. Look for one of two things:
1) Unannounced, low-key attacks on Iran, or
2) A Tonkin-like incident in the Str of Hormuz