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Think of Tahiti. Scuba diving, snorkeling, beach, paradise. About 100,000 tourists go there every year. Tahiti is 119 islands with great beaches and ocean breezes. Go shark feeding, on a safari on Bora Bora, or lounge on a glass bottom boat.

Sounds great. Now go read their paper, the Tahiti Pacifique. Econo-Girl hasn't had a laugh like this in a long time. It is in French, of course. So click on the title to this post to see their English version.

That's right, a full page diatribe on how we really need to learn French if we want to read their paper. They should not be asked about providing an English version since it is so ridiculous.

To support this argument, they cite U.S. Bureau of Census statistics on the number of Ukrainians living in Hawaii. It seems the number is analogous to the number of Americans living in Tahiti. We wouldn't expect the papers in Honolulu to publish a Ukrainian edition, would we?

Well, let's see. We would if 100,000 tourists a year from the Ukraine were coming to Hawaii. There would be some kind of Ukrainian edition of the local newspaper, just for the sake of advertising if nothing else.

But tell that to the Tahiti Pacifique. Rather narrow in their perspective, they do not make the cut for an Econo-Girl permanent link.

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Jandi for The Fuzz said...

Is this one of those French things ?
I actually studied French in highschool, but now I can't say why.