Saddam Hussein's Execution Prompts Copycat Suicides

The media has a role in the news it covers. It is time to take responsibility for that.

Econo-Girl has never linked to the video clip of Saddam Hussein's execution. There 's a reason for that. There is no news value in it for the mass audience. The same holds true for the beheading of U.S. hostages.

And while we're on the subject, the same applies to media coverage of 9-11-01. The same gruesome and pointless footage was shown for one solid week. Only PBS earned my respect by providing meaningful coverage. The rest of them just repeated themselves over and over again for days on end while feeding on human desperation.

And how about school yard killings? The U.S. media coverage of those inspires other psychos to do the same thing.

Young boys have killed themselves imitating the execution of Saddam Hussein. There should be a violence restriction as well as a sexual content restriction on video and photos. Violent images are more damaging than sexual ones.

Click on the title to this post to read the article in the Jerusalem Post.

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