Oprah in Africa

As Econo-Girl trolls the international news for juicy and amusing tidbits, she is struck by the absence of Iraq on many front pages across the world. She is also struck by the headline stories about Oprah EVERYWHERE.

That woman is the most powerful woman on Earth! She headlines in SouthEast Asia, Europe, and Africa with her effort to "change how a woman is seen in Africa." My goodness, and Econo-Girl thought Hilary Clinton was ambitious.

For roughly fifty thousand years, the African culture has been developing just fine without Ms. Winfrey. Granted, women are treated like crap in some places there. It will be interesting to see if Ms. Winfrey will be able to pull this off without the usual violent backlash that attends a change like this.

In Pakistan, the rise in women's power there has led to men randomly throwing acid in the faces of women in the street. Let's hope Ms. Winfrey's planned transition for Africa will go more smoothly.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Great. So now Oprah is going to single handedly change African culture! We should have sent her over there sooner. And lets send her to Haiti to show those people how to run a stable government! Then we can send her to South Central LA to broker a peace accord between the Crips and the Bloods. She can do it!

Oprah, there are some things that you can not solve simply by giving everyone a new car.

This is another example of a celeb NON NEWS story. Oprah is not newsworthy. Not at all. She is just doing stuff to get the media attention for her own ego. Any newspaper that runs this garbage should hang its head in shame.

LaDawn said...

Don't agree with the iguana about the not newsworthy. anytime someone spends this much on education it is news. It shouldn't be but it is. There are governments all over the world that don't spend this much including those in the "developed" world. I agree with Econo-girl that I don't think Oprah can solve this with money alone though and by throwing money at them she could be curtailing the ambition and drive for many of these girls. I hope she doesn't take away all their challenges.