Iran: Inflation and Sanctions

Well this seems to be Ahmadinejad's week all right. The cost of tomatoes has tripled, the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Iran's nuclear program, three thousand people a month are dying from pollution in Tehran, housing prices are skyrocketing - it's hard to imagine what else could happen to get the guy down.

Americans of a certain age will remember the political kiss of death that inflation was to Jimmy Carter.

Let's try to step into Ahmadinejad's shoes.

  1. Ahmadinejad is facing open discontent from Iranians because of his loudmouth antics. They feel Iran has already suffered enough from isolation, why is this guy adding to it? Iranians correctly feel that isolation leads to a worse economy;
  2. Kids and older people are dying from not being able to breathe because of the pollution;
  3. The UN Security Council passed a resolution against Iran's nuclear program;
  4. Inflation has kicked in, which always gets an electorate angry.

So what does Ahmadinejad do? He decides to test missiles and start military maneuvers. This guy just doesn't get it. He isn't listening to his people and he isn't listening to the world. Not a recipe for political success.

Econo-Girl is most interested in how Ahmadinejad will react when he is voted out of office. Will he threaten the Iranians with military action too?


The Lazy Iguana said...

Maybe is is hoping that if enough people die from pollution, more homes will become vacant and less people will want to live there. This will really help make housing affordable!

Michael said...

He'll probably step down, because the real power in Iran is wielded by the mullahs. If they don't back him, he can't stay in office.

And while they may not want Ahmadjinad in office, it doesn't mean that they want to ease the internal repression in Iran, or stop pursuing nuclear weapons, or stop trying export the Islamic Revolution; it just means that they'll take a slightly slower form of jihad.