Magazine for the Fun, Fearless Female !

See the Hong Kong version of Cosmopolitan magazine by clicking on the title of this post. OK, OK, look at the pictures since it is in another language. But the pictures are great.

The advertising links to Cosmopolitan magazine in Hong Kong say "Fun and Fearless Female."

Now Leisure Lad is always accusing little Econo-Girl of thinking too much. And she is sure that others would agree when she observes the difference in advertising approaches between the U.S. and Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong presumption is that a regular woman would be fearful, wouldn't it? And from an advertising perspective, that fearful women who wanted to be fearless would buy this magazine.

But is Econo-Girl being ethno-centric here? Maybe the cultural leap from Hong Kong to the U.S. highlights these issues to us clearly, whereas we can't see our own problems.

For instance, Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.S. is obsessed with informing American women that they need improvement in the bedroom. Every issue has some article about "pleasing your man", and "what he really wants." So every issue is all about references to the sex life of the American female as inadequate and generally devoid of gymnastics.

And realistically speaking, isn't that worse?

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