Terror and Torture

In the prisons of Egypt, Islamic terrorism of today was born. The Egyptian government rounded up radical Islamists and tortured them in their prisons. The Egyptians felt threatened and that is how they reacted.

So a movement of religious zealots was further radicalized by torture. The result was a violent version of Islam that started spreading throughout the world.

Torture doesn't solve anything. It doesn't win a political or theological argument. It doesn't dissuade people from their beliefs. And it certainly doesn't prevent terrorism. Torture promotes terrorism.

It is Egypt and their use of torture that has brought us to the struggles we are having today. Thanks, Egypt.

And it is in the coming decades that we will see the effects of our abuse on our detainees.


The Lazy Iguana said...

But the war is good for (some) business. And terrorism supports the war. Therefore, terrorism is good for (some) business.

Just ask GE. At every US airport the "puffer" thing is made by them. And ask IonScan who make the ETD machines. And KBR who get all the fat no bid contracts. And so on.

Fuzz said...

It's a pity we had to join the torture club.

Ferminator said...
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