Al Qaida - The End

The end is starting for al Qaida as a global player. Their movement combined the forces of the Sunni and Shia towards a common goal: an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East. Their goal never included conquering the United States or even Europe.

The attack on 9-11, and later ones in Europe, came from the failure of the radical Islamic movement to convince moderate Muslims to adopt the twisted ways of groups like al Qaida over ideas of the West.

So al Qaida got this idea. "Let's attack the West directly! Then they will take their ideas out of here and everyone will agree with us!" Not very far-sighted, but then these people are living in caves.

Econo-Girl is not saying that al Qaida isn't dangerous, it is. Econo-Girl is saying that al Qaida is falling in on itself. Soon, if Econo-Girl may deign to predict, al Qaida will be riven by factionalism and they will start killing each other. Because that's what these terrorists do. They kill their enemies, and that includes similar but rival factions.

Be prepared for some intra-al Qaida assassinations.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The thing is that Al-Qaida is a loose network of somewhat like minded people. Why kill the other terrorist, when you can just call yourself something else and be done with it? Unless of course you are in the same general area.

And look at street gangs in America. They are organized much like Al-Qaida. Kind of. There are gang wars, gang alliances, gang turf, and so on. But even after all these years, the Crips have not killed all the Bloods. Not like they did not try or anything.

Anonymous said...

When did al-Qaida include Shiites?

They've never really wavered from their goal of eliminating Shiite Islam, though I do remember some disagreement between Zarqawi and Zawahiri (which beceame public) about whether this entailed eliminating all Shiites.


Econo-Girl said...

Al Qaida always sought a unified Muslim fight against the West, even though Shiites were not big in their midst.