Brown vs. Blair on Terror and Iraq

Tony Blair has made Britain's alliance with the United States the hallmark of his foreign policy to a dizzying extent. In lockstep, you might say.

Blair's successor, Mr. Brown, has promised to change that approach.

Rather than increasing the number of troops in Iraq, Mr. Brown has promised to reduce them "by thousands." What this signals is not only a break with Tony Blair, but a distancing from Washington.

In Econo-Girl's opinion, it's about time.

How has it been to Britain's advantage to be so close to the U.S.? What did Tony Blair think they were getting out of it? It really is unclear.

The distance Mr. Brown proposes also comments on President Bush's leadership in Iraq and the war on terror in general. Not very favorable comments, that is. What Mr. Brown is saying is Mr. Bush's strategy has not worked. He is saying the world can expect different things from Britain in the near future.

Econo-girl eagerly awaits.

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