From Russia: Commentary on U.S. Foreign Policy

Econo-Girl almost choked when she read Pravda today. Talk about another view of current events.

The front page of Pravda mentioned the "murder" of two of Saddam Hussein's "associates." Not execution, mind you. Murder.

There is a section called "What is on George Bush's mind today?" The publishers of Pravda must not have a very good opinion of George Bush's mind, since they haven't posted an article there for eight months. Previous to that, they posted an article once a month. Do your own analysis.

But the most interesting tidbit is the April opinion piece on U.S. interventionism. "USA: Caring or Interfering?" Listen to their perspective.

"[T]he haste to jump into the Balkans when had the USA and the European Union left things to evolve on their own, controlled by those who understood the local social and ethnic fabric, the horrors perpetrated by Croats, Muslims and Serbs would have been at worst limited and easier to control."

WHAT!?!?! It was a directed genocide. And listen to this description of Slobodan Milosevic:

"[T]he fact is that all Slobodan Milosevic was doing was to rid his country of the scourge of Islamist terrorism, namely the KLA. Curiously, as Washington had sided with Bin Laden, it also wined and dined the KLA leadership on Capitol Hill."

Now Econo-Girl is aware that Pravda specializes in revisionist history. And there will be those among her intrepid readership who will mock her shock. But part of her mission is to offer differing perspectives to the American mind. And yes, I have very few readers. But you are one of them!


The Lazy Iguana said...

Well one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. How do you think King George (of England, not the USA) would have described George Washington? A great man? Somehow, I doubt it.

Anyway you gotta love those Russians! I remember listening to the Voice Of Russia on shortwave radio during the Balkans conflict thing. They had (or may still have) a transmitter in Cuba to spread propaganda to the USA and Latin America. Anyhow they would broadcast warnings to NATO troops about them being charged with war crimes and such. Classic stuff there.

It was even better during the Soviet Era.

LaDawn said...

to bad your blog isn't translated and available in russia so we can "re-educate" the russians.