George Bush Promises "No Backrubs" for Merkel

Imagine you are the elected leader of a major Western power. And in front of everyone, the President of the United States walks up behind you to rub your shoulders. Isn't that very odd? Econo-Girl thinks so.

Well, it seems that President Bush has promised to restrain himself the next time he sees Germany's Chancellor.

Do you think he has the hots for her? Or was it some good-old-boy ploy to get her off her game? Hmmm.


Alex said...

Supposedly he is very touchy-feely in general, with both women and men, and tries to make a personal connection with every person he meets. In this way, at least, he and Bill Clinton are not all that different.

Econo-Girl said...


I can see your point, and it is a valid one. But come on, you're the President now! You have to know massaging Merkel's shoulders wasn't cool at a press conference.

But then for a man who operates based on personal connections, it does make sense. After all, he stared into the eyes of Putin and felt "he could do business with him."

LaDawn said...

There are better and more sincere ways to make a connection with someone than to rub their shoulders. I can't imagine doing that to anyone not in my family or closest circle of friends! And I am not a high ranking government official for whom millions look to for a standard of behaviour. YIKES!!!!